What do Scrum Masters do all day? | ScrumMastered

What do Scrum Masters do all day? | ScrumMastered

This question comes up often: what does a Scrum Master do? The Scrum Guide stays very vague on this subject, giving just a few examples without going into detail.
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In this video, I’m uncovering the mystery for those of you who were wondering! Hopefully, it can help you understand the role to become a better Scrum Master (or maybe hire one).
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30 thoughts on “What do Scrum Masters do all day? | ScrumMastered”

  1. hi! while i’m trying to understand the real value of scrummers, is clear and clear with the time that scrum master is a waste of money for companies

    1. ScrumMastered

      Then we can say the same for therapists, executive coaches, sports team’s coaches, fitness coaches, nutritionists, and many more professionals whose role is to help others succeed.

      Let’s agree to disagree.

  2. Carlos Collao Rubio

    @ScrumMastered, Daria🎯🚀, 1000 thanks✅✅😇🙏 for explaining and teaching this common question, however, very important when (my future Client ) asks me. Definitely, today I’ve learnt a lot.

    1. ScrumMastered

      Thank you! I’m sure now you’ll have an easier time to explain the role to your manager / future client 🙂

  3. Thank you for this video. I am unable to download Action Plan for Scrum Master. Can you please help me with that.

  4. Mercedes Zendejas

    Scrum Master sounds like a Business Analyst. At least that is what I do sometimes as a BA.

    1. ScrumMastered

      I think that BAs are more focused on the product side of things: connecting the team to the business requirements. At least that is what my understanding of the role is (so I might be wrong).
      A Scrum Master focuses more on the team health and the process.

  5. I was asked to be a Scrum Master “part time”. Basically, they want me to be the senior admin AND a scrum master! Thank you for sharing your experience! I am learning and excited for new skills!

  6. Scrum masters don’t actually do anything useful apart from earning a salary for themselves at the expense of inducing unnecessary and harmful communication into a team that’s actually trying to do something useful, just so that there’s something for them to do, too. They literally are productivity parasites. Their main skill is to maintain appearances of doing useful work while hindering the team’s ability to do actual useful work. It’s a job for people lacking IT competence to work in IT and earn an IT level salary when in fact the work they do, if it was evaluated objectively, would amount to them paying damages to the company, i.e. receiving a negative salary. The best thing for a scrum master to do, if they absolutely must earn their salary, is to do absolutely nothing at all to keep damage minimized to just the expense of their salary. But, god forbid, if they do some work, know that they have the power to block and steal paid time from every single member of the team, every single day.

    1. ScrumMastered

      That’s a lot of very specific information about a Scrum Master you worked with, I assume. That is unfortunate that you had such a negative experience with someone you had to work with. I think most of us had to live through some pretty terrible colleagues.
      However, just because you had that experience doesn’t invalidate the role.
      I know that it might be a story from a long time ago, but if it’s ongoing, you definitely should try to address it because it is having such a negative effect on you and the team. I also recommend looking into some conflict resolution tools, like Empathy Map.

    2. It’s not an uncommon experience. I’ve met lots of scrum masters who are glorified schedulers and don’t add much in terms of value. Even in this talk you mention lots of learning and understanding. Ok that’s great, what are you going to do with it?

    3. ScrumMastered

      Not sure I understood the question.

      It’s not uncommon to work with people who are rude, toxic, or lazy – doesn’t matter what job position they are in. Deal with it or leave.

      I worked with quite a few developers who did absolutely nothing for months while pretending that they work on something all the time. I mean, good for them for staying low for so long, but I definitely won’t be recommending them to my next employer.

      Also, don’t forget that just because you don’t understand what the other person does or don’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t do anything. I can argue that VPs in big organizations produce zero value, but they are the ones earning the bigger salary. But you wouldn’t question an executive, would you?

    1. Very happy that I visited the website. Lots of great stuff on there. I enjoyed day 1 of the action week 🤓

  7. When the recession hits these are the type of jobs that’s will be going aways and the first to get cuts. I know a few masters and they literally don’t do nothing 😆 but schedule. Any program u can take over the weekend and Certify, definitely shouldn’t have Master on it 😂…👨‍🎓..Printing Mill..

  8. Just saw this video because I had never heard of this job. I am a freelancer and one of my gigs is within Legal Services. I was approached to become a Scrum Master. But they are only offering $10-$12/hr? I’ve done research and I’m seeing average pay for this anywhere between $82k and $113k. What is a realistic rate of pay for a person who has never done this job before? I worked in the legal field for over 30 years doing different types of work. Really enjoyed the video. Thx for any help!

    1. they’re lowballing you, check the salary growth and if you can be promoted. entry is like you said 80-100K

  9. Hi Daria, thank you for the great video. According to your opinion, how much do you think a SM should be involved in “technical” part of the work?

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